Scran Restaurant, Harrogate

Hubby and I had a date night, it’s been ages since we went out. We went to Scran restaurant in Harrogate and heard lots of great things about them.

There was a relaxed ambience which is perfect for us. We were greeted immediately and were seated and served by the lovely Sammi, who explained the menu

We opted for the “Chefs Scran” and had 3 “surfs” and 2 “turfs”, a fantastic choice as the decision of what to order was made for us

The food was served quickly as and when we were ready, we didn’t feel rushed and it was all in our own time. Sammi was amazing and took the time to explain each dish to us

Be sure to try the “specials” as we had the Hake and garlic prawns which were absolutely delicious. We finished off the evening with the devilish and incredibly moreish orange and chocolate mousse

We haven’t had a “date night” in a while and what a great way to top off the evening at Scran ❤️ We’ll be back soon 👋🏻


Atoclassic Real Tonic Soothing Moist Mist and Real Tonic Soothing Origin Essence

I was really lucky to be selected to review the Atoclassic skin calming set by BemusedKorea. I’ve been using this for over a week now and incorporated this in my day and night routines.

The delivery came really quick from BemusedKorea after finding out that I’ve been selected. This set couldn’t have come at a more appropriate and perfect time, the weather is hot, it’s actually too hot for me and it’s been playing absolute havoc with my skin.

In this set, there is an Atoclassic real tonic soothing moist mist and Atoclassic real tonic soothing origin essence. Both products are formulated with Hanbang ingredients, capturing the healing properties of ancient Korean herbal medicines. Hence making this suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

The soothing mist is indeed very soothing, it contains a medicinal herb called Coptis Chinensis, also known as goldthread, known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The solution went through a tradition distillation method to preserve the active ingredients. Thus resulting in a mist that is as purest as it can get and absorbs well into the skin.

I feel like it absorbs exceptionally well, the effects are immediate after being absorbed, my skin doesn’t feel irritated, dry, stretched and it feel so quiet and calm. It makes the area around my nose which is usually red, not as red; almost matching the colour of the rest of my face. It makes application of other products apply smoother too. The mist comes out evenly and 3 sprays is enough to cover my face and neck.

I have never tried Korean Hanbang products before and I’m in absolute awe.

The Atoclassic real tonic soothing origin essence comes in a sturdy pump bottle, really nice to hold in my hand, however I think this is a little bulky for what I would like, it’s 30mls but because of its size I would have thought that this would be 60mls.

This clear essence with a gel consistency contains up to 20 Hanbang / traditional medicinal ingredients to aid the skin. One of the key ingredients is the golden chamomile. This herb supports the body’s own natural defences, soothes irritation and calms any underlying skin sensitivity. Extremely beneficial for those who suffer from rosacea and atopic dermatitis. I feels lovely when applied and absorbs amazingly well. It’s so light and I feel it allowed my skin to breathe.

I’m in love with this set as I feel both of them together compliments each other and as a sufferer of dermatitis and skin sensitivities, I feel there is a noticeable reduction of redness and irritation since using this, which is why this has been reviewed a week; after using the serum twice daily and the mist multiple times throughout the day.

Thank you BemusedKorea and AtoClassic.

Stuzzi Harrogate

This ends a full week of going out and eating! That is my birthday present! Nothing materialistic, just going out for food and spending time with hubby

It’s hard work being greedy!

Today’s meal was at the highly recommended Stuzzi Harrogate , raving reviews of amazing food and desserts, we decided to give them a go.

Based on the Italian tapas style dishes, this offers a great deal of variety and choices, sometimes ordering a pasta dish fills you up and you have no room for anything else, let alone dessert!

Situated on the outside of the town centre in Kings road, it’s still in town but not. Having said that, it’s always heaving in Stuzzi’s when I drive past.

We decided to head inside rather than outside as it was too hot, sitting next to a wall gave some sort of relief from the exhausting heat!

The ambience was casual and comfortable, not fancy but typical of the relaxed Italian dining. We were served quite quickly, and he explained how the menu worked and what he recommended.

Firstly came the drink, blood orange juice and a Diet Coke- much needed with lots of ice!

The food came at the same time, we ordered Frito Misto, a Venetian style selection of deep fried seafood, served with a lemon and caper dip, a pan fried baby dover sole covered in almond crumbs and squid ink aoli, and beef and mortadella meatballs.

I loved the deep fried selection, I wasn’t a fan of the Dover sole however my hubby loved that the most. Not a fan of fish bones, think I still have a bit stuck in my throat! I really liked the meatballs in the rich tomato sauce. The pudding was lush, we were quite full and I don’t think we could have managed the dessert platter… maybe next time. Instead we had the Neapolitan style donut with the chocolate dipping sauce which was oh so amazing!

Overall we really enjoyed our meal here, and look forward to trying other dishes on our next visit!

Skinkissed Vitamin C Serum

Skinkissed kindly sent this to me to try, I have incorporated this into my evening routine for the past 4 weeks.

Skinkissed Vitamin C serum comes in a dark brown / uv protected 20mls glass dropper bottle.

Vitamin C is a great antioxidant to boost collagen production, evens out and brightens skin tone and neutralises free radicals.

The formula contains concentrated and high percentages of active ingredients; according to their website. The ingredients include water, rose water, vitamin c, Hyaluronic Acid and marine collagen. This serum is 100% natural and not tested on animals. However what the percentages are of each ingredient is not known as they have not and will not disclose this information. Stating that they got the percentages just right and it’s a closely guarded secret. I believe the higher the vitamin c percentage; the higher the risk of skin irritation is, which some of their customers have experienced.

The serum is a light yellow colouring to it, initially it looks like oil but it didn’t have that consistency. It is very light and absorbs really well, thanks to the Hyaluronic acid. It does leaves a slight sticky film over the top, but follow this with a moisturiser or another serum and this product lays well without pilling.

I find the serum hydrating along with other serums but I haven’t tried to wear this on it’s own. I have managed to get through the bottle quite quickly as it is only 20mls, I find this non irritating, skin softening and I feel a noticeable plumpness after using this consistently for 4 weeks.

Thank you Skinkissed for sending this for me to try, I enjoyed using it!

Beyond Organic Skincare Review

Beyond Organic Skincare were founded in 2005 and they’re based in Cornwall, they’re expanding rapidly due to their increasing worldwide popularity. They export to many parts of the world including Asia and Eastern Europe and 11 years on, they’ve won countless awards for their organic beauty products.

The ingredients used are 100% natural, they have two main ranges which are organic and fair trade, their products are not tested on animals and neither are the ingredients they use, their products are also suitable for vegetarians and most are suitable for vegans, they are also cruelty free!

Beyond Organic Skincare kindly sent me a few products to try, the products I received were a shine and strength shampoo and shine and strength conditioner which are both free of sulphates, silicones and parabens. A tub of emollient cream for sensitive skin which is 100% natural, a jar of detoxifying oil cleansing balm in germanium and a bottle of replenishing handcream.

I’ve been using all the products religiously every day since I received them.

My favourites has got to be the shampoo, conditioner and the handcream…It was really difficult to choose because they all worked really well for me.

I absolutely adore the shampoo and conditioner, I’ve never used paraben/silicone/sls free hair products before and I’m so happy they sent this for me to try, it’s basically made my high street shampoo obsolete, I can’t go back to them, ever! My hair feels amazing, my scalp feels amazing! They’re both suitable for the family and for all hair types. The shampoo contains sea buckthorn berry oil which leaves hair shiny and soft, aloe vera juice which soothes the scalp, panthenol, olus oil and glycerin for moisturising, conditioning and reducing static.

My hair has always been static and fly away, since using this, my hair has been amazing, I’ve had a full week of good hair days. I am well and truly amazed by this. You can tell how pleased I am with the amount of selfies on my feed and Instagram stories this week.

This shampoo and conditioner are water activated, so hair has to be wet throughly before application. It gives a decent lather and has a great clean fragrance, and to be fair, I don’t think I miss the lather much, because of the end results. My hair gets tangled really easily but the conditioner helps massively with this, without tugging at my hair and pulling it out or snapping them. The pair has done wonders for my scalp, I had a patch of dry skin (about the size of a 50p) on the back of my head at the edge of my scalp, that’s still there (I’m reluctant to put steroid cream there), but it did not sting or aggravate it, however I believe it slowly disappearing because I’m not using anything to irritate it.

For fine and thin hair with sensitive scalp (like me) I do think sls/silicone/paraben free products are the way to go. I am well and truly impressed.

I’ve lasted 4 days straight without using steroid cream for my dermatitis on my hands thanks to the replenishing hand cream, which is a record!

I usually have to apply steroid cream (Fucibet) at least every other day. I have to admit though, out of 20 people, 2 disliked the scent of the replenishing handcream, one was a bit offensive about it and the other… my dog who promptly ran away from me 🤣

Having said that my husband and friends liked the geranium/ sunflower / spa scent; bar that one “acquaintance”, I was very offended, however I have accept it being a grown up and all 🤔🤣; that it’s not to everyone’s taste.

The scent is quite heavy but it is pleasant for most. The hand cream was easily dispensed from a no mess and hygienic pump bottle, it absorbed really well without a greasy residue.

The e natural emollient cream is wonderful, it absorbed so well and I really liked applying this and wearing cotton gloves at bed time, I was really impressed to see that this emollient is 100% natural.

I do think both the replenishing hand cream and emollient is suitable for dermatitis and eczema sufferers, they do minimise flare ups, however everyone’s skin is different and I’m sharing my own experience, it may work for one but not the other.

Lastly the award winning detoxifying hot cloth cleanser, I really enjoyed using this, it removed all my make up but it was a little stubborn to get the eye make up off; I only had eyeliner on so you need to massage it in a little longer, it’s nice to do this as it also gets the blood circulation going and it didn’t sting my eyes either. The muslin cloth that they included felt so nice, and face the full hot cloth cleansing experience, this didn’t feel greasy and left my face feeling really soft then I followed with another cleanser.

The scent is lovely for something that’s natural and organic. This 50ml jar will last up to 3 months and the price is competitive with other cleansing balms that are on the market, but this is organic, award winning, cruelty free and natural!

I wouldn’t mind if these products are fragrance free as they’re all super effective.

I love the ethos behind Beyond Organic Skincare. I think the products that they sent to me to try are a good introduction for me to organic skincare.

Please check out the links to each product above to view them on the site and see the listed ingredients. If you’re ever around Cornwall, you can even pay them a visit!

All products are gifted by Beyond Organic Skincare, all views and opinions are my own, what a wonderful introduction to organic and natural skincare products!

Thanks Beyond Organic Skincare and thanks for reading folks!

Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask 🍉

I’ve used this for over 4-5 weeks now and it’s the right time to do a review.

I love it. Ok. Bye 👋🏻

Jk jk….😂

I got this in the set from Sephora along with the Watermelon glow pink juice moisturiser; which I have yet to use.

The reason why I got this was because “Instagram”, it was all over my feed and everyone raved at how good it was, I got pulled in by my love of watermelon and erm… pink.

Sometimes you wonder whether the hype is real, there were a few items that I purchased in the past believing in the hype and then, you know; disappointment set in.

So was this a let down or not?… please read on….

Sephora says Glow Recipe Sleeping Mask is a revolutionary pillow-proof formula that contains calming watermelon extract, hyaluronic acid to aid hydration, and exfoliating plant and fruit based AHAs to gently buff and rid the dead skin cells overnight, resulting in refreshed, hydrated and smooth skin the next morning.

The feel of the sleeping mask is smooth, it’s gel texture glides on and doesn’t feel sticky. It goes on really well after oils and it doesn’t feel heavy so your skin can still breathe.

First things first, I love the scent, and no, I haven’t been tempted to lick it either! 🤣 I love that it doesn’t pill going on after my face oils. My skin is so smooth the next day, smoother than its ever been. I have to say though, it takes a couple of night to see the difference but the softness, you notice pretty much the next day.

I have 3 sleeping masks and this is my favourite.

Have you tried this cult favourite? If not, this is definitely a must try if you get the chance.

Essano Beauty Clarifying Rosehip Clay Masque

Mask time! The Essano Clarifying Rosehip Clay Masque

I do like clay masking however sometimes I feel that they can be really drying.

I picked this clay mask up at TK Maxx and because the label was stuck on top on the brand name I thought it was Sukin.

This mask smells lovely! I love the smell of Rose! I must admit though, I did fall for the pink label before everything else, it just caught my eye.

So this mask won the Byrdie Beauty awards 2017 for the best face mask for combination skin.

It’s a New Zealand brand, cruelty free and vegan friendly. 99% of the ingredients are Organic.

As you may have noticed, I’m trying a lot more Organic and Natural products in my skincare these days.

I’m really impressed with the results after using this mask. The L’Oréal clay masks were effective, however they are quite harsh and do really dry your skin out after drawing out the impurities, which, is why a hydration regimen is what you really need to have in place after it.


This draws out the impurities gently, my skin doesn’t feel overly dry and even after the clay has dried on your face, it’s doesn’t crack when you move, which means it’s not a heavy clay, much like the Innisfree Jeju volcanic clay mask- which I really like too.

The fragrance isn’t too strong, it’s a light Rosehip fragrance and it didn’t cause any irritations.

I’m happy with my new discovery!

Have you heard of Essano?

What products have you used with this brand?