Jelly Masks at Lush Harrogate

You all know how much I love Lush products, this is my second chance trying something new from the Harrogate branch, the first time was trying out the toothy and mouthwash tabs. Read it here if you’ve haven’t seen it.

It was very busy on a Sunday so couldn’t get picture of the jelly mask display. I took the hubby with me as well and he was non stop smelling every single thing on display going “mmmmm”…”what’s this…”….

I love the ingredients on every Lush product, personally I think a large majority of their products are highly suitable for people who have dry or eczema sensitive skin. I have dermatitis on my hands and find that using Lush products help immensely with flare ups, I hardly ever get one these days.

There are 4 types of Jelly masks available right now. To apply, simply pinch off a bit of the mask, work it into a paste with clean, dry hands, apply it to your face and leave for 5-10 minutes and then wash off with a warm water rinse or with a cloth.

Introducing the first Jelly mask- “The birth of Venus”, a lovely light blue colour with fresh sea water tones and lavender oil. The carrageenan seaweed gel leaves your skin irresistibly soft.

“Fomo” – cream white in colour, contains calamine powder which calms and soothes, whilst the touch of bright neroli evens out skin tone.

“Just to clarify”- colour of papayas, contains brightening papaya juice and bamboo stem to exfoliate. The only jelly mask in this collection that contains a natural physical exfoliant.

Lastly “1000 millihelens”- the colour of green tea and smells like Granny Smiths but not as sharp. This is my favourite from the word go, contains fresh apple juices and toning green tea, a touch of antibacterial and a natural astringent witch hazel extract. I used this tonight and my skin feels wonderfully soft yet firmer. I had some slight inflammation on the side of my nose and chin, after the mask I felt that this has certainly reduced the redness in those areas. Despite it being astringent, my face still felt very moisturised.

They all smell really pleasant, typical of all lush products.

The Jelly mask comes in a little pot, the lovely Lush assistant cut this into 8 pieces, however half of an 8th was enough to cover my face! At £6.95 for each pot of Jelly mask, divided by 8, that’s only 86p per facial and you can also apply as many times as you like.

Lush Harrogate kindly gave me a sample piece of “1000 millihelens” and “Just to clarify”, I knew I was going to love “1000 millihelens” so I purchased the pot anyway.

Handmade, ethical, against animal testing and fresh, what more reasons do you need to purchase this?

Thank you for reading and go, get yourself to Lush already!!


Hallowe’en with the kids

T’is that time of year again, I absolutely love Autumn, when the air turns crisp in the morning, the leaves turn red, orange, yellow and brown, filling up the horizon, and carpeting the floor. The summer time wardrobe is switched over to cosy jumpers and cardigans.

As soon as October comes along, you know bonfire night and Christmas is just round the corner.

When both my boys were under 10 years old, they loved dressing up and we’d take them treat or treating around our local area with my group of mummy friends and their young children.

The area used to be the best place to go trick or treating because there used to be many Americans living there with it being so close to a military US base.

They would make wonderful spooky displays outside their house, and during some Halloween’s they would sit outside all dressed up ready for the kids. The neighbourhood was lit up with pumpkins on the doorsteps and trick or treaters were very much welcome.

Everyone knew everyone and would coo and aww at all the younger kids in costumes. I really miss it. My boys are too old now and with many of the base facilities closing down, a majority of the Americans have gone home.

It’s such a lovely custom they bought over, I love how it’s so popular now, but with the fun comes etiquette, read on to see what these are.

1) Supervise your kids, the clocks have gone back, which means it gets dark super quick, staying with your children is the safest option making sure they go to the right houses and crossing the roads safely.

2) Teach your kids to be grateful with whatever they get, some households will be prepared with loads and loads of sweets, some may have ran out, so if they go rummaging in the kitchen for something, whether it’s a piece of fruit or a box of raisins, it should be greeted with the same enthusiasm as chocolate or a bag of sweets! They went through the effort and they didn’t have to.

3) Manners, yeh it’s really cute when the little ones in their squeaky high pitched voices say “twick or tweet” it’s off scale adorable, but remind them to say please and thank you, this stranger would have made your child’s evening but your kid will light up that strangers face even more by getting a sweet thank you.

4) Keep an eye out on the time, I’d say 8pm will probably be the latest, some people might be in their jammies already!

5) Only go to houses that are decorated and/or have pumpkins outside, treat or treating isn’t for everyone.

6) Be respectful of the surrounding area and property, there’s nothing worse than trampled flowers and finding your garden littered with sweet wrappers.

7) We spend so much of our time teaching our kids not to speak to strangers, if your kids want to go off alone for a bit with their friends, only go to houses if they know this person and if not, wait till they’re supervised by adult.

So, I think I’ve just about covered it, let me know if I’ve missed any thing off and most important of all, have fun with the kids, they’ll eventually get too old for this! *sob sob*

How to get naturally fuller lips using ESHO – review

I can’t wait to share this product as I’ve been thinking about getting this for a couple of weeks now. I’ve been reading  and watching reviews online about the new ESHO lip products by Dr Tijon Esho, a reowned industry leader in the area of non surgical aesthetic medicine with a strong focus on lips. A collaboration with Dr Esho and Deciem.

ESHO sculpt contains unparalleled concentrations of pure undiluted peptides and bio actives, with an increase of visible volume within minutes and with continued use.

I purchased this because of the reviews and after seeing my friend get lip fillers, I fancied it too, but I didn’t want the trout pout.

I can say that this definitely does what it says on the box. It has a strong sweet guava flavour if ingested, you can’t help it, it’s on the lips after all. Some people have said that it’s sickly sweet, I don’t have a sweet tooth but I personally don’t find it too sweet, it’s actually quite pleasant compared to other fruity flavoured lip balms and glosses.

I don’t like lip glosses, they don’t do anything for me apart from making my hair stick to my lips, even though the sculpt gives it a shiny finish like a gloss after application, I’d say it feels like more of a balm.

After a few seconds of application, my lips started to tingle, it’s mild and bearable, not like the lip voltage, that was painful, never again! After a couple of minutes, the tingle begins to subside and you’re left with a naturally defined outline, volumised and darker coloured lip, I guess with the increased blood flow to the area.

I’m really really pleased with the product, it’s £29 from Victoria Health, plus you also need to purchase the ESHO drench at £12, which is a light weight formula offering superb hydration, giving a lovely surface to apply your matte lipsticks! Yes it adds up but it’s still cheaper than lip fillers, it is also relatively new but I’ve read with continued use, you can maintain and increase a youthful natural pout.

Do you notice the difference? I certainly can, I’ll be finishing the tube and will anticipate the long term results.

Will you be purchasing this?

Edit: After using for a few days here are some tips I would suggest when applying:

Sculpt, holding the tube vertically with the lid at the bottom and still on, give it a tap and downward half shake to make the product go towards the opening, you will find that its easier to get the product out. When squeezing it out make sure the spout is facing down wards so when it comes out the product stays out without it sucking it back in when you release the squeeze on the tube.

Apply on the outer lips by patting it on rather than swiping, this way, you will get less of the product inside your mouth. If you require more product, pull it away from your lips, make sure the spout is facing downwards again and squeeze however much you need, if you swipe and squeeze, you’ll get a messier application and more wastage.

With drench, do the same as you would with the Sculpt giving it a tap and a downward half shake, as with the sculpt, I like to squeeze it out, tap it on my finger and apply using my finger.

Have you ordered this? Let me know how you get on!

Letting go a little bit more

Having 2 children allows you the opportunity of doing and witnessing things twice. Milestones such as first giggle, first word, first steps, first day at nursery, first day at school, first time going to parents evening, then you have things like first time at play dates, first time at sleep overs, there are so many firsts, but no one prepares you for the lasts, last time in nappies, last day of nursery, last day of holding your hand in public. With every last thing, no one prepares the fact that they are slowly letting go of your hand and moving on towards their independence.

Every time my eldest does his last thing, I always say it’s ok, because I’ll have another pop at this, my youngest is slowly catching up with his brothers last times, and honestly it is difficult. I don’t have another kid, it’s definitely my last time as well, there is no third go.😭

My youngest attended a school residential, when this happens it usually the last academic primary school year, sure, that’s crept up on me, but, I held it together, yes I did alright, it basically means that next year, he’s going to high school, and we all know what happens when they get to high school, hormones. They get embarrassed going out with mum and dad, holding hands in public, kisses in public, even say bye to them in front of their friends is embarrassing, so they nod instead.😒 They want to grow up so quickly these days.

Luckily for me my eldest hasn’t found me embarrassing yet, it’s cool, I’m still cool. The question is for how long? How long will it be till they stop depending on me, how long left have I got to do the school runs? I’ve told them I’ll take them to school for as long as they want me to!

No one tells you it’s going to be hard letting go of them; that little bit more at every milestone, not until you initiate the conversation and mention it, and they say oh yes, I remember my last time too, and now they’re all grown up leading their independent lives, doing things themselves and making their own decisions. That’s the way it should be, that’s life.

Don’t mind me, I’m just mourning the fact that I’ve only got another year to go in primary school, that’s another era gone by, like that, at a blink of an eye.

I hope, that once these boys grow up to be strong independent men, they remember their old Ma & Pa and come visit now and again. “Hey remember me, your mother!?” And maybe hold my hand just a little longer…

Harrogate Gift & Fashion Fair

When I receive these complimentary tickets in the post, I know that it’s that time of year to make a start on the Christmas shopping.

Always on a Friday & Saturday towards the end of September at the Yorkshire Event Centre in the Great Yorkshire Showground, equipped with ample parking and large grounds to occupy 110 exclusive companies you won’t find on the high street.

There’s something for everyone and for those who don’t wish to shop, there’s a licensed restaurant.

This years fair is on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th September from 9:30 to 5:30pm. Not to worry if you don’t have a ticket, these can be purchased on the day at the door for £7, make sure you fill in the details at the back and you will receive a complimentary ticket in the post next year.

I will be attending Saturday morning to see what they have on offer. I have attended every year for the past 4 years and the best stores that I always return to are:

  • The Book People– Can’t go wrong with books, plenty of books on display for a wide audience.
  • Cherry Berry – If you love make up, there’s lots on display , test and discover new brands.
  • Heck– You can even taste before you buy, I love Heck Sausages, to be honest I don’t know who wouldn’t!
  • The Gift Of Oil– their infused and classic balsamic is to die for!
  • The Truckle Cheese co– 2 words- Cheese & Crackers, a must on your cheeseboard!

I don’t remember seeing this one but I’m looking forward to seeing their stall! Rose Cottage Drinks (Over 18s)

Here’s a list of all the stores on the day.

Will you be there?


Weekend Trip to London

I just had the most amazing weekend, even though I was full of angst due to being out of my comfort zone. I don’t like to travel and going to places I’ve never been before, I also don’t like being amongst too many people, I like my personal space.

We arrived Saturday day and had a walk around Soho to find somewhere to eat dinner and we found Tokyo diner. Our dinner was lovely and service was impeccable.

After our meal, we headed back to the place where we were staying, we walked through Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, it was heaving and full of noise. It was my first time on the underground and I thought the whole thing was just confusing!

The main reason for this trip is the G Dragon; Kwon Ji Yong, The Act III Motte- Moment of Truth world tour at Wembley on the Sunday evening.

My friend and I have purchased VIP tickets, unfortunately due to the bad organisation we didn’t end up getting most of VIP treatments apart from being in the Heineken lounge and entering the venue early. Merchandise was sold out feet away from the stand.

This is my first ever concert, being deaf in one ear, I’ve always thought whether there is any point in going. There certainly was! He was just as perfect and beautiful as I expected, he was emotional and it was raw. What we saw yesterday was the real talented Kwon Ji Yong.

Here’s a few more pictures of my eventful weekend. For more images, visit my Instagram.

My UncommonGoods Anytime Wish List

I love love shopping ❤️, if I wasn’t on a spending ban right now, I’d be browsing the web for undiscovered treasures. I love shopping for other people, but I love shopping for myself more! 😬

To my delight, Uncommongoods caught my eye at the perfect time, I usually start my Christmas shopping now, with so many special people in my life to buy for, I do need to start early. I’m not the type of person to give perfume or buy vouchers, I prefer to look for unique, one of a kind or one of a few type gifts. It hard and sometimes quite challenging but it makes it all the more special.

It has become apparent after browsing through the site, these ain’t just for Christmas!! They have sections for birthdays, graduations,  weddings, house warmings etc etc… I’m going to be here for ages….

This was the first thing that caught my eye, its unique, its colourful, bright and it’s oh so cute! I want it for my room- forget about the kids!

Go here if you’re looking for more pressies for the children or the big kids.

I heart this next gift so much! ❤️ The heart “beats” every second, its totally adorable and I’ve never seen this in the UK before! You can watch it work here!

I’ll leave the link for the clock here, and a note to the husbands (fiancé, boyfriend) to check this section for pressies for your wife! My husband is a bit of a stargazer, he loves the night skies and when I saw this, I thought it was the perfect Christmas gift.

This is exquisite, really detailed and beautiful, the fact that it glows in the dark is a bonus.

For more Christmas gifts for the loved ones in your life follow this linky! You can find this clock is in the geek section.

While adding things to my basket already, I’m going to tell you now that Uncommongoods, ship internationally, yes they ship all round the world! 🌏

Based in Brooklyn, New York and founded in 1999, Mr Dave Bolotsky launched this treasure trove marketplace that showcases goods that are truly individual, special and creative. Uncommongoods have a strong connection with the environment, choosing to use sustainable, organic and recycled materials whenever possible. Even their catalogues are printed in Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and recycled paper.

Better to Give is a program Uncommongoods created that allows customers to pick a non profit organisation of their choice and donate $1 with every order to them, since they created this program, Uncommongoods have donated over $1,000,000.

To top it off beautifully, they are also the founding B corporation, which established an independent 3rd party certification of a company’s sustainability. This seal of approval means that the company has undergone and passed a comprehensive evaluation which covers many issues ranging from providing a living wage to environmental practices and the way it impacts the community.  To this day 1,000 companies have received this certification.

Now, you know what they say in Yorkshire – “Eeee that Dave Bolotsky’s a top bloke in’t he!”

Did you spot anything on the site that you fell in love with? Please share with me, I spent ages browsing through the site and I’d love to know what caught your eye!

As always, thanks for reading. This post was kindly sponsored by Uncommongoods, views and opinions are my own.

My heart ❤️ is definitely set on that beating clock 😍.