Dyson Hairdryer Review

My Dyson Hairdryer

The most expensive beauty item I own, I don’t even own GHDs or Cloud Nine’s, this is how I’m justifying it, but then I didn’t purchase this, my hubby did.

It’s been almost 10 years since I purchased a hair dryer and although the old one worked fine, my husband, even though he has a grade 1 all over was eyeing this up.

The lady at John Lewis was saying that the motor is faster than a formula one car, which impressed the kid she was telling before me, secretly I was a little impressed too.

I decided to go for this hairdryer because I wash my hair before I go to bed and always takes ages to dry with a standard hairdryer, so I decided to cut my hair above my shoulders to hopefully speed to the drying process. Sometime in November after 6 years+ of having an inverted bob, I’m growing my hair out. My hair is thin but I have lots of it, it’s also really silky and it holds in a lot of moisture. This hairdryer cuts the time it takes to dry my hair in half. It lifts the roots without burning, you can put it closer to your scalp and my favourite favourite feature is that the darn filter doesn’t catch your hair and frazzle/pull it. I used to be really careful and cautious because quite frankly it hurts and it smells when it comes out all singed.

My pooch is long haired too and this is an excellent tool to dry her in half the time…. god she sounds spoilt!

Yes, it was expensive, however since using it, I save so much time, there’s less snappage and damage, it dries thoroughly and my hair feels like it’s in even better condition than it’s ever been.


TonyMoly I’m real Broccoli Mask Sheet Vitality

I love broccoli, it’s my favourite veg and I can eat it every day if I could. There isn’t a strong scent of broccoli, I think there might be a hint of it if you concentrate and think of broccoli 🥦 , it does contain broccoli extract which is why my pupper likes it so much. I’m finally using this after I got it off her!

Broccoli is nutritious and full of Vitamins A and C. It’s also a superfood and this sheet mask takes broccoli’s antioxidants and when applied to your skin, gives it a boost and livens up a dull complexion.

This mask is hydrating and rejuvenating. The fit is great apart from above my lip, there are slots in the side of the mask to allow for adjustment. My face and neck felt very supple after wearing this for 15 minutes.

My dog loved it, I loved it, you’ll love it too!

Have you used this sheetmask before? What do you think of it?

Elizavecca Milky Piggy EGF Elastic Retinol cream

I think you all know why I went for this cream. Look how cute the packaging is!

A find from my usual haunt – TK Maxx Knaresborough and it was also discounted which is always a bonus.

This contains Retinol, Swiftlet nest extract and EGF, it also contains Macadamia seed oil and Niancinamide, which is quite high up on the list of ingredients. It also contains some fragrance however, I’m happy to say this is the last on the list.

I’m not new to Retinol and I’m currently using Deciem’s The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2% Emulsion and really like the results it’s given me, after looking into this, I have read somewhere that this cream only contains 0.85% of retinol which is very mild in comparison. Retinol profits are generally used at night time and during the day it’s important to wear SPF

I have used this for almost 3 weeks now, enough time to let you know how I feel about it.

I apply this after I finished applying all my water based serums, it absorbs really well. The texture is like PVA glue, it stretches like cheese on a pizza, which is why; as you can see I have decanted it in to a smaller pot to make it easier to access it. The original container includes and plastic cover and a little spatula, which is unnecessary imo, I don’t need it for application but I use it to decanter it.

My skin is oily combination and I find it’s compatible with my skin type. It’s takes a good 10 minutes to absorb and then I can follow up with Cosrx snail mucin after, which takes longer to absorb.

Results are noticeable after a week of use, my skin felt firmer and supple, definitely brighter too. I didn’t purge and it didn’t dry out my skin.

It’s something that I would want to repurchase again in the future.

Have you tried this cream? What did you think of it?!

Jayjun Collagen Skin Fit Mask

This was last nights mask by Jayjun cosmetics . It came in 2 part. First step hyaluronic acid essence and step two the plant stem cell mask

This mask claims to allow the moisture rich hyaluronic acid penetrate the deep into the skin and maintain moisture. The mask has anti wrinkle and whitening properties through the use of plant stem cells and squalene.

Firstly I love the hyaluronic acid, it was a really nice thick and smooth consistency and was just enough for my face and neck… I was a bit sad there wasn’t any excess!

Secondly the sheet mask material was really lovely and soft, unfortunately, the fit wasn’t great, too much excess material.

I left it on for 20mins, and patted the essence in, giving it around an hour to absorb while I was on Netflix. My skin felt hydrated and plumped straight afterwards with noticeable difference in moisture level in the morning

I love it for the hyaluronic acid and the material, wasn’t keen on the fit

Deciem The Ordinary vs Pixi Glycolic Toner

Let’s see how these fare! As good and as much as I love love the Deciem Glycolic toner, I needed to know whether Pixi Glycolic toner is worth the hype .

So far The Ordinary Glycolic toner has a higher percentage at 7%, where as the Pixi is 5%.

Pixi is £18 for 250mls and TO’s is £6.80 for 240mls.

TO’s GA has no scent, where as Pixi has a lovely scent!

Let’s see how I get on! Which one do you prefer?

Pearlessence Rose Water Spray

I wish TK Maxx would give me a reward or something, I’m at their Knaresborough store every weekend and I can’t stop myself from going. Not like I’m proud of it or anything… I’m supposed to be on a spending ban. It’s not happening.

I’ve been looking for a Rosewater spray for a while but didn’t really make the effort to actually get it. I came across these pretty bottles by Pearl Essence UK . I googled the reviews on the spot and really liked what I read!

I was surprised to find this for $29.90 on Amazon, but I purchased the Rose water one for £6.99 and the Rosewater and Coconut one for £5.99, which is around $5 and $4.

They both smell really nice and the bottles are made of glass and feel really nice and sturdy.

The rose water was nicely absorbed without smudging any of my make up which is a bonus as I was planning on using them in the office.

So happy with these purchases!!

Stemm Density Stimuli

So Deciem have decided to discontinue the Stemm range. I purchased this Density Stimuli, a very high potency hair serum that minimises hair loss and encourage growth, give your hair a denser, fuller and healthier look.

It was in the January sale at Just my look and currently on sale now on the Deciem and Victoria Health website, so stock up because when it’s gone it really is gone.

I’m applying this on the front of my scalp, I have loads of baby hairs and due to being naturally low on iron, my hair is always falling out. I used to take biotin which helped a bit. Then when I finished, I never really repurchased it again so 3 months down the line, my hair is falling out again. When I got this, I also purchased some Biotin to take together. So far the results have been great as fewer hairs are falling out during washing my hair, but I’m not sure if I want to repurchase, if this is being discontinued, it only means one thing, better and bigger things are coming!