Innisfree Capsule Sleeping Pack – Pomegranate.

I’m using this sleeping mask as the last step of my routine, by Innisfree. It’s a pomegranate sleeping pack and has a tinge of pomegranate scent but it’s very light.

The ingredient list contains lots of plant extracts including orchid. It comes in a little capsule pot and can be resealed for short term storage.

I really like the way it glides on, it has a thick gel consistency and reminds me of Nature republic Aloe Vera gel.

One to see what my skins feels like tomorrow, but so far so good.


L’Oreal Brightening Clay Mask, The Creme Shop Hydration Sheet Mask and La Cura Caviar Ampoule

Double masking night tonight, I thought my skin looked a bit dull, so I’ve opted to use this L’Oreal brightening clay mask, it’s very yellow. 😬 It’s a clay exfoliating mask that I enjoying using from time to time. I had a couple of pimples and I’m too scared to use The Ordinary’s AHA/BHA peeling mask as my skin is “broken”.

I followed up with a hydration mask by The Creme Shop. I came across this at TK Maxx , I was meant to be walking past the aisle except this caught my eye, a set of 6 masks, 3 naughty and 3 nice. The packaging is really cute and has a Christmas theme.

I was really impressed with The Creme shop’s Green Tea Mask. So I’ve purchased a few more from their collection which I will try out soon. I removed the mask after 20 minutes, patted the rest in, folded the mask in half as it had plenty more essence still on it and applied on my neck.

I followed up with the rest of my regime, the Hadalabo Hyaluronic acid, Alpha Arbutin, Niancinamide, La Cura Caviar ampoule by Aldi!!!! … and lastly Alpha Lipoic.

I’m really really excited to try the Caviar ampoule, I heard lots of great things about the affordable almost dupe of La Prarie Skin Caviar products. I will use this for a week or two to see how my skin will adapt to it and hope to review this afterwards for you.

Mediheal NMF Aquaring Ampoule Mask Ex

This weekend has been all about fixing my skin after the awful “damage” air con has caused. For the past couple of nights, I’ve stopped using AHA/BHA peel mask this week and opted for a moisturising mask such as Lush 1000 Millihelens green tea jelly mask, and I have been applying several layers of Hadalabo hyaluronic acid and topping it off with TheOrdinary Antioxidants, EUK134 or Alpha Lipoic . I’ve also managed to have a pimple breakout on my nose and cheek 😟

Tonight’s sheet mask is by Mediheal, NMF squaring ampoule Mask x clear fit sheet. NMF stands for natural moisturising factor. There’s no scent on this, the sheet feels so soft and fits me exceptionally well.

The NMF solution contains witch hazel to solve skin thirstiness. Allatonin and trehalose to enhance skin elasticity. The clear fit has excellent effect in v zone (the chin area) and it tones the facial line. This is one of my favourite favourite sheet masks to use. Wearing this for 20 mins, I removed patted the extra ampoule in and proceeded with the rest of my routine with The Ordinary Matrixyl , Alpha Arbutin , Niancinamide and Cosrx Snail mucin and Tonymoly Banana Sleeping pack .

If you’re looking to buy this, you can get it on Amazon in a box of 10 for around £13 (GBP).

Thank you 😊

Innisfree Skin Clinic Vitamin C sheet mask

Oh, the weather outside is frightful,

But the fire is so delightful.

And since we’ve got no place to go,

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! ❄️❄️❄️

Yep, we have snow today!

But… the air con in the office is still drying me out and it’s doing my head in.

Tonight’s sheet mask is from one of my favourite brands, Innisfree! I’ve not tried the skin clinic ones before, these are so much thinner and contain so much essence, in this case it’s vitamin C, for its brightening and antioxidant properties. Like the my beautiful diary hyaluronic mask, there was loads of left over essence which I poured into a little pot for use later on.


Before application, I put the mask packet on the radiator so it warmed up a bit. The fit is a bit big like all sheet masks on me, I really like the results, instant skin revival!

I removed the mask after 20mins, patted the rest in, topped up with The Ordinary Matrixyl, Alpha Arbutin and EUK134. Totally skipped the Niancinamide tonight as it clashes with vitamin c.

Excuse the crazy mad hair, I forgot my headband 😬

As always, thanks for reading 💕

My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask

I despise air conditioning. Despite it being so cold already, the air con has to stay on for the air to circulate, it really dries my skin and eyes out. I’m really thankful for my bottle top humidifier and eye drops. By the end of the day, my skin feels tight on my face, I thought I’d try spritzing it with a moisture spray, but I reckon it’ll still end up drying out and being absorbed into the air. Anyway, sorry about yapping on and complaining…

Tonight’s theme is hydration. I notice redness around my nose as well but not sure what’s caused it. Starting off with a double cleanse, I used L’Oréal Pure Clay Detox Mask, Lush 1000 Millihelens green tea mask, applied my usual trio of serums from The Ordinary, followed by this Hyaluronic Acid sheet mask by My Beauty Diary. It feels so nice, totally saturated in hyaluronic, I had loads left over in the packet so I poured it into a travel pot to use later.

My Chinese reading is poor so I found the instructions and description online in English. I really like this mask and might do a bulk buy later on. After having this on for 30 minutes, it’s still drenched, I feel like it’s a bit of a waste to not wear it longer! I patted the excess in and topped up with Cosrx Snail Mucin and Tonymoly banana sleeping pack.

Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Butter Cream Mask Pack

Last nights routine involved this Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Butter Cream Mask Pack.

I was lucky enough to get this mask twice from My Mask Time – a soon to be launched sheet mask subscription box and from an Instagrammer doing the Christmas sheetmask exchange.

It comes in two pieces, one for the top half of your face and one for the bottom half, I really really like it, my first time trying a two part sheet masks and it makes such a great difference on the fit. The scent is not very strong and does smell lovely. Plenty of leftover cream to “pat pat” in.

I left this on for 30 mins, the packaging suggested 20-30 minutes, and by that time the sheetage near my nose and top of my lip has dried.

It’s a bit of a faff to get on, the sheet mask comes in 2 sections for top and bottom, there’s also a plastic lining sheet to take off front and back for both sections, but I really like this, so I’m glad I have another one to enjoy.

After the 30 minutes, I removed the sheet, massaged the cream in a bit more and topped up with The Ordinary Alpha Lipoic Acid and Cosrx Snail Mucin.

😂 My sleepy eyes on the last pic, it was obviously way passed my bedtime but I really wanted to try this sheet mask out!

Kwailnara Natural Deep Cleansing Foam in Grape Seed

Thought I’d share the Kwailnara Natural Deep Cleansing Foam in Grape Seed. 🍇

I discovered this cleanser in TK Maxx in the sale section for £3.99. *Bargain*

The fragrance of grape seed is very pleasant and I really like the consistency when you squeeze it on to your hand.

It leaves my skin feeling very very clean. I used this for a few days and realised I liked it so much I went back to TK Maxx to see if the last reduced tube was still there and luckily it was!

The best thing about this is that it makes a great make up brush cleaner, work a pea size blob into the already wet make up brush, it gets every bit of make up off that brush, that it looks just like new.