What’s on my Playlist? August 17

I increased my pay monthly EE contract and received a superb surprise from them, a free 6 month subscription with Apple Music AND EE will also cover the data used to stream it. Of course I’m going to opt in! The subscription is usually £9.99 for an individual membership, click here for more details of different memberships. The cost of this freebie is over £60, how generous of you EE!

Its fairly straight forward to set up. Pop by here, click on the link they sent via SMS and pop in your Apple ID password to get started!

Providing that you continue your subscription to Apple Music ; the music you’ve downloaded can always be kept in your library and played back whenever you wish !

I’m absolutely in love with Apple Music.

I very rarely listen to UK chart music but for the past month I’ve been obsessed with the Kpop R&B Queen that is Ailee.


I’ve downloaded all her albums and collaborations. I adore her voice, her look, personal and style. She’s amazing.

Now Ailee, if you’re reading this, please do a world tour and visit us in the U.K.! ❤️

Whilst browsing the “recommended for you” section, I’m finding new songs from well loved artists such as G Dragon, and I’m discovering new Korean bands and artists.


Will my September play list change? I don’t know but with 6 months worth of free streaming, I may discover different genres and artists along the way.

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