Breakfast at Cattlemen’s Harrogate

I love a proper good English Breakfast. There’s something about having sausages and bacon with a lovely runny fried egg, it’s sunshine and comfort food.

The last time I visited Cattlemen’s for breakfast was a couple of years ago, children extra curricular activities in the morning stopped us from going more often and I think they had stopped doing breakfasts for sometime.

My friend was telling me that she was so happy that Cattlemen’s were doing their breakfasts again last week and they thought it was absolutely delicious, so we decided to pay them a visit this weekend.

The breakfast is served between 10am and 12pm.

There was a great choice of breakfasts, to be fair, I’m not a fan of too much of choices, being someone who is so indecisive and having eyes bigger than my belly, it does not help at all having an extensive menu.

As always I went for the biggest breakfast that’s on there, the hungry cowboy. Three of those for myself, my eldest at 15 and youngest at 10 and a Sheriffs Steak and eggs for the hubs, with tea and fruit juices.

Look! I even took pictures for those whose never seen tea and fruit juices before haha, that’s orange (obvs) and Apple (obvs)!!

We didn’t have to wait long till the food was served. The service is immaculate as it’s always been. We sat near the window and watched the world go by and it was just nice and chilled.

The above was my breakfast; my eldest had exactly the same, there’s two streaky bacon on the plate in case you couldn’t see, cooked on point, not greasy either, with a delicious serving of black pudding. I’m not a huge fan of black pudding at all, how ever I’m always willing to try things and this was the nicest one I’ve had.

This was hubs 6oz medium steak and eggs, the steak was a perfect medium he says!

This was my youngest sons breakfast, yep, he’s 10 years old, yep, he’s just like me, eyes bigger than his belly! Instead of black pudding, he got another hash brown instead.

It was just us throughout the whole time we were there, come on in Harrogate, chill out during the weekend and come for a cooked breakfast at Cattlemen’s would you! Give the independents some of your love! ❤️

We were really happy with our breakfasts and went on our merry way, my merry way anyway as we got to do a bit of shopping afterwards. We will pop back very soon!

Views and opinions are ours, the meal was paid for and costs a total of around £34 including tips.

Thanks for reading, do give Cattlemen’s a try if you haven’t been back for a while!

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