A visit to Lush Cosmetics in Harrogate 

Let’s talk about Lush Fresh Hand Made Cosmetics, situated well, just follow the scent… 😊 to 30 Cambridge Street. There are many reasons to love Lush Cosmetics, not only are their products handmade, they are fresh, 100% vegetarian, ethical, the packaging is made out of recyclable material and they’re totally, utterly and passionately against animal testing. They have a lovely range of bath and body products on the ground floor, hair and more lush goodies upstairs, be sure to pop upstairs so you don’t miss out!

My favourite ever Lush product is the delightful Snow Fairy, it’s vegan friendly, smells of candy and bubblegum sweeties and contains environmentally friendly biodegradable shimmering luster… fairy dust usually available in the Autumn. They also do an amazing purple shampoo called Daddy o, superb for keeping your locks blond and getting rid of the brassiness without drying it out.

I popped into Lush after watching a YouTuber post about mouthwash tabs, they looked fun…I was hooked and needed to get my hands on some.

What’s on earth is mouthwash tabs?! It’s mouthwash in tablet form! GENIUS!

I absolutely love Creme de la menthe, you take a tab, pop it into your mouth take a sip of water to start the fizz, a nibble and a swish swish swizzle before spitting it out. It’s like a bath bomb going off inside your mouth, it’s pretty awesome, not only does it give you a surprisingly strong minty fresh breath that lasts for some time, it’s refreshing and doesn’t leave your palette with a bitter aftertaste like normal shop bought mouthwashes do. Creme de la menthe contains peppermint oil and peppermint powder.

I needed to try more, bring in the Pan galactic gargle blaster, the kids will love this one, it’s out of this world, the thing is most mouthwashes are boring for grown ups, they don’t do fun flavoured, so Lush did something, they made a juicy lemony aniseed tab. This is refreshing and leaves your palette feeling cleansed.

Now you think, this is the end, but I’ve not finished yet because I need to tell you about Toothy tabs, brushing your teeth ain’t going to be boring no more.

Fun tasting and invigorating mouth experience with Limelight, getting the kids to brush their teeth won’t be a chore anymore with this, pop this in, give it a nibble and start brushing with a wet toothbrush. This contains lemon, lime, almond and spearmint oil, it’s like a party!

Lush also make a wonderul triple mint toothy tabs for those who just love minty fresh breath, containing not one, not two, but three types of mint oil, English peppermint, organic peppermint and wild mint in Miles of Smiles, this leaves my mouth feeling cleansed and refreshed, ready to start the day.

Now, if you’re like me and worried about teeth stains and it’s all about the whitening and brightening  of those pegs, why not go for the BOOM gunpowder toothy tabs, you nibble this and you can just about make out a taste of sea salt, aniseed, a touch of black pepper and a blast of spicy cola, it contains cream of tartar and gunpowder tea and charcoal, we’ve seen that charcoal is a big hit these days with teeth whitening so I’m going to see what happens after a few weeks.

I think these are great for adults and children alike, they’re conveniently packaged and suitable for travel due to liquid restrictions. They’re fun, refreshing and environmentally friendly. Pop in to Lush and give them a try!

Thanks for reading, opinions and review expressed are my own, I purchased Boom toothy tabs and Creme  de la menthe, the others were samples; kindly offered by Lush Harrogate for review. Images are my own, please do not reuse without permission and credit.

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Would you try these? Have you tried them already? What do you think of them?


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