Why I love my Fitbit Charge 2

I’ve had a fitness tracker for almost 2 years now, my first one was a Fitbit charge HR and I got an upgrade last year to the Fitbit Charge 2.

There was only one reason why I got the Fitbit and it wasn’t anything to do with keeping fit. As some of my previous readers know, I’m deaf in one ear, when my alarm goes off in the morning, instead of getting up and turning it off, I’ve started to roll over on to my good ear to block out the noise and go back to sleep.

I never used to do that but gradually it kept happening and poor hubs has to proper shove me off the bed to wake me up, or pull the duvet off me; and I really hate that; especially on cold mornings, but it gets me up!

The Fitbit has a silent alarm function, you can set as many silent alarms as you want, when it goes off, the Fitbit vibrates on your wrist and you can turn it off by pressing the side button. It’s the best ever invention because not only do I actually get out of bed (eventually), it doesn’t wake the hubs up either.

The other function that I really like is the sleep monitor, I used to have an app on my phone but never really used it as your phone had to be left on and plugged in. I always have my phone on airplane mode when I sleep, if not I’m unable to fall asleep at all or stay fast asleep for long.

The thing I like about the Fitbit Charge 2 is it has interchangeable straps, I mainly use the one it came with, I bought a pink suede one a couple of months ago but soon got bored of that, so I recently purchased a mesh rose gold one.

I know a few people who have Fitbits that challenge themselves every day to increase their steps. It’s great but soon enough they get bored and stop wearing it all together. The novelty just ends up wearing off. On the other hand for someone like me who isn’t really competitive with their step count (plus I have good and bad days with my hypermobility syndrome and scoliosis), it’s nice to be able to see when I have a good day.

The Apple iwatch does have similar fitness features and more however the reason why I went for Fitbit was because of the battery life. One charge is enough to last for 5 days, whereas one charge lasts probably maximum of 48hours on an iwatch.

You can monitor your water in take, your heart rate and you can also put additional fitness exercises on it, for those who swim, the Fitbit is not yet waterproof, however you’re able to log this exercise through the app and it calculates the calories you’ve burned during that time.

I really enjoy wearing my Fitbit, if they improve features on it, I will probably continue to wear it unless they remove the silent alarm feature; which I doubt they will ever do.

Do you wear fitness tech? Which one do you have?

Thanks for reading.


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