Celkin Smart Sun Block Puff SPF50

This was in the sale section at TK Maxx reduced from £4.99 to £3.99, hence the sticker marks at the front of the box.

I’ve always wanted to try a powdered SPF although they are quite pricey and you never know if they work to be honest because I wear an SPF cream as well, it doesn’t hurt to try and I’m always trying to find new ways to reduce pigmentation and sun damage to my face and neck. There’s only lists 2 ingredients, and that’s Zinc Oxide at 15% and Titanium Dioxide at 10.2%.

It describes itself as the smart way to protect your skin from the sun, with a combination of UV absorbing and dispersing effects, it provides a natural matte cover and also contains mulberry root extract (but it’s not showing on the ingredient list…) resulting in soft and even complexion. Suitable for all skin types.

It comes nicely packaged, in a bright orange box. It looks to be a South Korean company and also operates under the name of Purederm which is more popular.

When opened you’ll find a nice solid case and inside is just a powder puff.

You take the powder puff out and twist and bash the powder puff to break the seal and possibly the solid mineral that’s inside it. Pat it on the back of your hand until you see the product coming out.

The reviews aren’t really good on Amazon, but I find that by doing why I did with the puff, I do get product coming out of it every time but some people get nothing.

I really like this, the powder is translucent to me when blended, I apply on top of my make up as it finishes matte.

Until this runs out I will either repurchase; if I can find it for £3.99 or cheaper, or try at different powdered mineral SPF. I can’t tell if it’s working or not but it makes a perfect no mess, matte finishing powder.

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My Contouring Evolution

Battle of the bronzers!

Having a moon shaped face isn't great, I've always contoured or tried to contour my face since I discovered what it was in the first instance and how it improved and defined my face. Thanks Kim Kardashian lol!

In the past I wore bronzer as it gave my face a much needed pop of colour, my face would always freckle in the sun but never tan. After applying the bronzer on the top of my forehead, bridge and cheeks, I notice my face doesn't look as round.

The only issue with bronzer is that overdoing it make you look "dirty", like you need a really good wash, so taking it easy is always a great idea.

I'm used to be quite frugal with make up, like why buy so expensive when a cheaper dupe can do the job!

So here's my evolution of "bronzers" or contouring powders I own, note you can see them getting more dearer in price.

Look at the SPF on this! I've been using Rimmel for years, it's so affordable at around £4.99 to £5.99, it doesn't go orange, or shimmery. It's very pigmented and after application it looks great when the hard lines are blended in properly. I've binned it now as it over 12 months old.

My trusted Honolulu matte bronzer by W7, this is basically a Benefit Hoola dupe, so many great reviews on Amazon, at £2.50, you simply can not go wrong, highly pigmented and you didn't need much at all. I had this for the longest. Again as with the Rimmel, it's been sat in my draw, so I really needed to bin this.

This Bourjois chocolate smelling bronzer, the shade is very light which is good if you want a more subtle style of every day contouring. A slightly more expensive bronzer at around £6 to £7. However getting towards the end, the bronzer seems to harden and you get less product on your brush, the packaging is a little cheap though…I had this for the shortest time. Smells very pleasant but that's it, unfortunately its my least favourite.

I really liked this one, although I don't use the shimmery section, they can do away with that to be honest. The box had quite a bit of depth to it so I thought it had a lot of product in it but there isn't! There's a section underneath for the brush and mirror! The powder is exceptionally silky and it blended really well, it's a lot darker than my previous ones but a little goes a long way. I got this last year so this one is still for keeps! Around £7-£8 it's still very affordable.

Lastly, Too cool for school, Artclass by Rodin, my current contouring powder, this is a Korean brand, it's a subtle colouring with yellow undertones and was absolutely perfect for my skin tone and type. The most expensive one I own at around £15-£16, but it's lasted ages! This will be repurchased when I run out, unless I can justify getting the Tom Ford shade and illuminate at £59…. er nope!

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Now, time for an episode Game of Thrones!

Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint ❤️

After using Benefit Cosmetics Benetint I wanted to look for something a bit more affordable, at £26 for 10mls it certainly wasn't cheap ESPECIALLY if you spill half of it on the carpet!

There were hardly any dupes out there 6+ years ago so it was a bit of a challenge. By chance I was at the pound shop in York when I came across a bottle of cheek tint, this was called chitchat, honestly at £1 a bottle for the exact same amount you get from Benetint, you can't go wrong… so I purchased 8 bottles, I am down to half a bottle of chitchat now, it's so sad as it's been discontinued now. I'll also add that although this was so cheap, it was way better than Benetint, chitchat contained a small amount of glycerin that made application that much smoother.

When I got to my last bottle of chitchat my quest began to find an affordable cheek tint that was not Benetint.

The reason why I went with a liquid blush rather than a powdered one was because of the staying power it had on oily skin. Before I started my Korean skincare regime, my skin was incredibly oily, foundation would slip off my face after 2 hours what chance have I got for the powder blush to stay on my face? Before Benetint, I bought lipsticks and used them on my cheeks instead which was great, it blended very well and looked more natural until I could afford Benetint on my bare minimum wages!

I bought ETUDE HOUSE Dear Darling Water tint in the shade Cherryade, this was 10mls the same amount as chitchat and Benetint, at around £3.90 a bottle ; last year after starting my last bottle of chitchat, the applicator is different, it has a sponge tip instead of a brush/bristle tip.

Like the Benetint, application wasn't as smooth as the chitchat, I was wondering whether it was because it's a lip tint not a cheek tint, however Benetint is also a cheek AND lip tint.

It was fairly difficult to blend in evenly, I got round this by using a primer and found this perfect.

In the above image: The bargain that is chitchat and the water tint I'm reviewing now.

Picture above is the water tint at application and when blended in on the back of my hand. I will try to take better pics next time, I can't seem to ever get the lighting right!

I really like this, I still love chitchat but water tint still does the job.

It lasts all day and unless you use an oil cleanser or micellar water, it'll stay put pretty much all day.

Ichiko Bento – A New Beauty Box

I’ve never really signed up to any beauty boxes until now. I can’t remember how I heard of this one, but must have come across this on Facebook. I decided to subscribe to this because I liked that it was a beauty box with an extra touch, it includes bits for lifestyle , skincare and of course- beauty.

I love the fact that this is Asian skincare inspired, as you regular readers should all know by now, all I pretty much blog about is food and skincare.

The founders had slight teething problems due to the shipping times from Korean suppliers, I signed up and paid for my subscription at the end of May, the first box was received today in July! It was so worth the wait though!

You can find their cute and informative website here.

There’s two types of subscriptions boxes you can choose from, a Classic or Deluxe bentos. In the Classic for £14 a month, you get up to five items containing Korean, Japanese or Taiwanese beauty products, skincare, fashion, stationary and lifestyle accessories.

In the Ichiko bento deluxe box for £26 a month, you will receive from five to seven items from Japan, Korea and Taiwan, including one full size Asian beauty skincare item, treatments, cosmetics and higher value lifestyle goodies.

You can choose a month to month subscription, a three month subscription or a yearly one. You can check it out here.

The costing for each box is competitive to the other beauty boxes but the items appeal to me more compared to the ones on the market now. Even though I subscribed to it, it’s still a nice surprise to receive this in the post with the products already chosen for you.

So what’s in the July box????

I received the email to say that my bento box has been despatched at the weekend, needless to say I couldn’t contain my excitement on Monday morning!

See, a lovely variety of products!

The original oil cleanser, I’ve seen this and wanted to purchase it, but decided to go for the Banila co cleansing balm instead, this was on my list to try, so I’m really pleased with this, I’m looking forward to trying this out so I can report back to you!

A cute dinky notebook for your daily scribbles. Fits perfectly in my bag!

Twin stars! How cute is this! These are oil in peach tea patches that nourishes and regulates the skin. Each patch has Argan oil, Purslane extract, Hyaluronic acid, Collagen and Arbutin to nourish, repair and tighten skin.

A note from the founder, I’m glad I stuck by them, it was worth the wait.

A full size Tonymoly lip tint!

Two sheet masks!

A lavender sleeping eye mask, this is a Japanese product. Will need to do a bit more reading on this! Lavender is one of my favourite scents!

An information booklet about the products; which is super great! I’m familiar with the Korean products but not so much with the Japanese! I love learning about new products and I’m ready to be educated about them!

A pink headband to keep pesky flyaway hair away from your face when you’re sheet masking. It’s so soft and it has ears on it too!

So there you have it, yes, Ichiko bento has had its hiccups but as you can see, I’m 100% happy with what I have received, I’m already thinking about my August box!

Thanks for reading, pop to the Ichiko Bento’s page if you want to subscribe.

I paid for my three months subscription, opinions are my own.

Edit: 24th July

Monday mornings post came as a surprise!
Ichiko Bento has sent an additional beauty product because it was missed in the box, they did inform us all via email but I left this out of the post as I’d forgotten!

Here it is! I’ve wanted to try this. I know these lip tints are usually used on the lips, however I like to use these as a cheek tint.

I will do a post of this soon as to why I prefer liquid cheek tint/stain over powder blush.

Thanks for revisiting the post!


John Lewis, Vangarde York

The youngest boy had a bowling birthday party to go to this morning, so we decided to go some where close for breakfast, if you are regulars on the A64, you know the traffic past Clifton Moor leave a lot to be desired, a bit like Harrogate I guess.

We like to shop at John Lewis and have been many a time, the electrical department is really good and they offer 2 year warranty on their items at no extra costs and there is ample parking, the only thing that throws me is the “car share” section of the car park, like what does it mean? I’m sharing a car with my husband, can I park here? I’m popping in with friend in the same car, can I park here?…..I don’t get it….let’s hope John Lewis reads this and sheds so,e light on it….

It’s the first time we have tried their restaurant, there is a cafe downstairs, this was Hotel Chocolat’ but has now been taken over by Filmore & Union.

The queue was already quite long when we got there and we thought that it would go down quickly, there were 3 staff behind the counter yet, we queued for around 20 minutes and it was not going down, it took so long to get to the till where we had to order, quite a lot of disgruntled people. It wasn’t a fault of the staff who were serving us but the system just did not work well, John Lewis needs to look at the set up. We queued because we wanted to try it plus we didn’t have time to go anywhere else, it was 25 minutes before we got served and another 10 minutes before we could sit down and eat it.

The food and beverages were lovely, the service however was a total let down. We ordered, sausage sandwich in seeded bloomer, bacon sandwich on a white bloomer, seeded bloomer toast, luxury hot chocolate and an English breakfast tea, which came to a reasonable £13.

Going forward I will stick to shopping at John Lewis and avoid the restaurant unless they change their system. The food isn’t bad for a quick bite!

Thanks for reading! 

Imperial Palace, Harrogate

How can I start this post off? I’ll just come out with it, I love love this place, the kids love this place aswell and if I could come every week; I would. I am the biggest fried food junkie and to be totally honest, Harrogate is very lucky to have this all you can eat buffet style, freshly made to order restaurant right at the doorstep. 

They’re situated on Cheltenham Crescent, there is parking just outside or the multi-storey car park next door.
This isn’t fancy or trendy, this is simple and delicious food served in a welcoming, family friendly and comfortable setting.

The service from the two lady waitresses is impeccable. I would say however the children prices are a little expensive, maybe they should rethink this, but the adult prices are reasonable. The drinks are a little dear as well however, it’s understandable, this is a business. I’m happy to pay for drinks because I’m getting great food and service.

From top left clockwise, we have a mixed platter starter, salt and pepper squid, chicken and sweetcorn soup and Peking ribs.

I never got round to taking pics of the mains because I just ate and ate and ate…. Sorry not sorry 🙂

I have eaten here many times and have never ever had a bad experience.

They don’t have a website but you can find Imperial Palace’s Facebook page here and their Trip Advisor page here.

Are you local to Harrogate? Have you been here?

Views and opinions are my own, I’m not affiliated with anyone at the Imperial Palace and do not know them on a personal level. Food is paid for, we attended on Thursday evening and the bill totalled around £60 including drinks and tip.

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